Carlos Trujillo Featured in La Politica Online Discussing Trump’s Connection to the Latin Community

Continental PLLC co-founding partner and former Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Carlos Trujillo, recently spoke with La Politica Online (LPO) to discuss Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign and connection to the Latin community.

LPO described Trujillo as President Trump’s closest nexus to the Hispanic community. In the interview, Trujillo promotes Marco Rubio as the leading candidate to serve as Trump’s vice president, discusses the former President’s warm relationship with Mexican President Andres Miguel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), and explains Trump’s recent decision to engage with Univision.

Pointing to Rubio’s experience, Trujillo continues, “I believe that Marco Rubio is the best qualified person to be vice president at this time. He is one of the most senior people in the Republican caucus and has 13 years of experience in the Senate.”

Read the full article here. (Article in Spanish.)

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