Richard Corcoran Returns to Higher Education as Interim President of the New College of Florida

Continental PLLC announced that Partner Richard Corcoran has been named Interim President of the New College of Florida, in Sarasota. Corcoran is a former Commissioner of Education for the State of Florida, where he served from 2018-2022.  

“We are proud of Richard’s record of service to the state, his commitment to taking on tough but worthy causes, and his ability to succeed,” said Carlos Trujillo, a founding partner of Continental PLLC. “The selection of Richard distinguishes our firm as a leader in innovation and strategic solutions for the clients we serve. We look forward to finding new synergies that can better serve our current clients and ensure their goals are made a reality.” 

Continental PLLC is a litigation and government relations firm that excels at navigating clients through complex legal, political, and business environments in Florida, Washington D.C., and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The firm has offices in Miami, Tallahassee, and Washington D.C.

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