Continental PLLC Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Former U.S. Ambassador and Suspected Cuban Spy on behalf of a Slain Cuban Dissident

Coral Gables, FL – Continental PLLC attorneys Carlos Trujillo, Jesus M. Suarez, and Amanda Lopez-Cardet are representing the estate of a Cuban dissident, Oswaldo Payá, pro bono in a wrongful death lawsuit against the former U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, Manuel Rocha.

The lawsuit states that Rocha acted as a secret Cuban agent, using his Top-Secret security clearance and access as a special advisor to the U.S. Southern Command to provide intelligence that enabled Cuba to assassinate Payá “with impunity” in 2012. 

The suspicious circumstances around Payá’s death bolster the claims. Payá died when his vehicle crashed into a tree, ostensibly due to driver error according to the Cuban government. But a survivor of the crash says the car was rammed from behind and run off the road by another vehicle with Cuban government plates, suggesting deliberate homicide.

The lawsuit was filed on what would have been Payá’s 72nd birthday. 

Read more about the case in the Associated Press article linked here:

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